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Stigs new home!

Stig at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Stig at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Stig, a two-ish year old Staffie cross joined our household in July after approximately a year in Bath Cats and Dogs home. Stig is fairly large for a staffie, the other half of his parentage is still a mystery.

Does he have traditional staffie cahracterisitics? – Yes some, he is very loyal, he chases small furry things, he loves people and he does not love other dogs! I had been walking him every week day for about 3 months and he was a very popular dog to staff and visitors! He formed very strong bonds with some of the staff there and had had several previous walkers. And I have to say they did a good job of keeping him sane(ish)!

When I collected him I walked him all the way back to our flat to drain off his energy before he came home. In the dogs home he always seemed very excited, exhibiting behaviours like chewing on the lead jumping along on walks, rolling on the ground and not getting up and excited chewing. Once at home he was calmer and alittle uncertain of himself.

The training he had received in the dogs home left him with a good sit, lie down, speak and an ok stay/wait. He was also clicker trained and didn’t pull too much on the lead.

Continuing life in the Biorb

Update : After some rather odd spam complaining about the overcrowding of my tank (of 9 tetras) and how I should upgrade to a 10 gallon tank, I should say the tank is 16 gallons, and as I already said – I knew the limitations of the tank before I bought it and was never planning to put that many fish in it. So get off your high horse!

Life continues in the Bioorb! After some unsettling events, which i will get to in a minute, the Bioorb 60 Life is settled into a happy lifestyle. The stock is at the moment, the 3 original black neons, 3 penguin tetras, 3 zebra danio and 3 amano shrimp. I realise that the recommended stocking for these species is 6 or more in each group, and I was planning to up the levels in each species but we will have to wait and see.

So far they seem to be working well together, the zebras and are boisterous and chase each other and the penguins around. At first I was worried about one of the penguins being aggressive but the zebras seem to have since balanced out. I don’t know if it is because it is a relatively small tank but the groups of three seem to work very well, the neons aren’t nervous and none of the fish seem to be skittish at all.

Now to the unsettling events. I added three guppies to the tank, trying to add a little colour to the tank. At first, for a day or so they all seemed fine, then one died unexpectedly, with no symptoms. So I took it out and kept a close eye of all the fish. A couple of days after on of the 2 remaining guppies developed symptoms of bloat. That is swollen body, sticking up scales and general lethargy, even though he was swimming ok. So I took him out and put him in a quarantine tank.

I know moving him was not the best for him because of the trauma of a move. But I tried to match the water conditions but adding some from the old tank, I added medication for bloat but from what I read on the web there isn’t much hope once symptoms appear. The upshot is he died. And then in another couple of days the other guppy displayed similar symptoms and died as well.

Throughout this episode I checked the water levels, temperature, food and is the fish were being attacked. Everything was fine and only the guppies got sick. I medicated the rest of the tank with a natural aloe vera and tea tree combination and all the remaining fish (and shrimps are fine).

So any ideas what happened? Were they sick when they arrived? Was it the stress of moving tanks? Im fairly sure the water is fine, the shrimp are particularly sensitive so I would expect them to have been affected. The water here is particularly hard but the pH was fine. Any suggestions, anyone?

Penguin Tetras

The week after the first three black neons were introduced I added the penguin tetra. Tetra are happiest when kept in groups, so I thought the penguins would add some company until I get some new black neons.

These are slightly larger than the neons, and they have a black stripe which continues onto the lower tail fin. However, it seems I am unintentionally going for a black and white theme for the tank! I plan to make sure the next fish I get have some more colour 🙂

Next set of denizens enter the biorb

Next set of denizens enter the biorb

The new penguins were more agressive to begin with and they settled in much more quickly and were chasing each other, and the neons, round the tank within 10 minutes. Overall they have livened up the tank and all the fish seem more confident.

I also added the shrimp (“Scampo”) a Japonica shrimp, who is now my favourite denizen. It sits behind the heater at the top of the tank disturbed when it hides. I thought I didn’t include many places to hide in the tank but I have ‘lost’ Scampo several times!

Scampo has already shed a skin, and his colour gradually returned over the course of a few days.

Scampo the Japonica shrimp

Scampo the Japonica shrimp