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Review of the SafeStix

I’m sure 99.9% of the time sticks are perfectly safe, they don’t get caught in dog’s throats, splinter in guts or tear up mouths. But I still worry when I throw a stick or when Stig starts eating a tree branch and I notice flecks of blood. And then when he wants to pull that tree into the car to go home with him I have to draw the line.

So when I saw a safestix recommended I thought I would give it a go. This way I can have a safe stick-like toy for Stig, that I don’t mind putting in the car. The only concern – will Stig like it?!

In a bout of retail therapy and pushing aside the nagging feeling that I already spend far too much on the dog, I ordered a safestix. After opening it I was pleased with the overall build quality, although the appearance is slightly off-putting!

It stands up to a bit of chewing, a certain amount of rough tug games and lots of trips through the air. Although Stig was not particularly interested in it to begin with after a game of tug and a trip to the park with it he is much more interested now. For Stig it is definitely an interactive toy and needs an attached human. But with a little persuasion we now have a new fun toy for walks and training rewards and I don’t have to worry about sticks any longer :]


  • Brightly coloured so you spot it in the grass
  • Well made
  • Easy to wash the slobber and mud off
  • Easy to fling for the dog to chase


  • It takes a lot of dedication to pick it up we covered in dog slober and grass cuttings for another throw!
  • It doesn’t soften the blow when your dog runs into you with a stick hanging out the side of its mouth!

Stigs new home!

Stig at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Stig at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Stig, a two-ish year old Staffie cross joined our household in July after approximately a year in Bath Cats and Dogs home. Stig is fairly large for a staffie, the other half of his parentage is still a mystery.

Does he have traditional staffie cahracterisitics? – Yes some, he is very loyal, he chases small furry things, he loves people and he does not love other dogs! I had been walking him every week day for about 3 months and he was a very popular dog to staff and visitors! He formed very strong bonds with some of the staff there and had had several previous walkers. And I have to say they did a good job of keeping him sane(ish)!

When I collected him I walked him all the way back to our flat to drain off his energy before he came home. In the dogs home he always seemed very excited, exhibiting behaviours like chewing on the lead jumping along on walks, rolling on the ground and not getting up and excited chewing. Once at home he was calmer and alittle uncertain of himself.

The training he had received in the dogs home left him with a good sit, lie down, speak and an ok stay/wait. He was also clicker trained and didn’t pull too much on the lead.