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Review of the SafeStix

I’m sure 99.9% of the time sticks are perfectly safe, they don’t get caught in dog’s throats, splinter in guts or tear up mouths. But I still worry when I throw a stick or when Stig starts eating a tree branch and I notice flecks of blood. And then when he wants to pull that tree into the car to go home with him I have to draw the line.

So when I saw a safestix recommended I thought I would give it a go. This way I can have a safe stick-like toy for Stig, that I don’t mind putting in the car. The only concern – will Stig like it?!

In a bout of retail therapy and pushing aside the nagging feeling that I already spend far too much on the dog, I ordered a safestix. After opening it I was pleased with the overall build quality, although the appearance is slightly off-putting!

It stands up to a bit of chewing, a certain amount of rough tug games and lots of trips through the air. Although Stig was not particularly interested in it to begin with after a game of tug and a trip to the park with it he is much more interested now. For Stig it is definitely an interactive toy and needs an attached human. But with a little persuasion we now have a new fun toy for walks and training rewards and I don’t have to worry about sticks any longer :]


  • Brightly coloured so you spot it in the grass
  • Well made
  • Easy to wash the slobber and mud off
  • Easy to fling for the dog to chase


  • It takes a lot of dedication to pick it up we covered in dog slober and grass cuttings for another throw!
  • It doesn’t soften the blow when your dog runs into you with a stick hanging out the side of its mouth!