Current Research Interests:

  • Above all, learning new things
  • Gravity waves over Ascension Island
  • Combining Airglow imager data and radar data for gravity-wave studies
  • Mean winds and tides over Ascension
  • Gravity-wave tidal interactions
  • Gravity-waves and the polar night vortex

Things I'd like to know more about

  • Atmospheric chemistry, specifically ozone and nitric oxide
  • Martian / Venusian Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Python and more C++
  • Game programming

Journal Papers:

In Preparation

  • Gravity Wave / Tidal Interactions in the Polar MLT. Beldon and Mitchell
  • Gravity Waves in the Equatorial MLT. Beldon and Mitchell
  • Conference Presentations:

    VHF radar studies of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere

    I have recently survived my PhD viva and soon a pdf of my corrected thesis will be appearing here.

    A copy of my cv and downloadable pdf will go here. I am currently interested in research jobs / postdocs in atmospheric physics or related areas, in the UK or USA.